I love experimenting with the windows we can build with words. Here is a selection of my recent poetry.

Poetry in Print

Coming soon! In Bamboo Ridge: Journal of Hawai’i Literature and Arts Issue #126 (edited by Victoria Nalani Kneubuhl). Three poems: "Between the Ahu," "Divinity of Kin," and "In the Chapel of Xylem and Pholem."

In Kerning - A Space for Words No. 3, Secret Identities from Toad Hall Editions (edited by M. Stein, A. Tingle, & L. Kalloch), May 2023. Two poems: "Thursday August 6: The Story" and "I Would Like to Know."

In Snaring New Suns: Speculative Works From Hawai'i And Beyond from Bamboo Ridge Press (edited by T. Gammarino, B.K. Kuwada, D.K. MacKenzie, & L. Soto), Fall 2022. "The Day the Land Spoke," page 180.

In Vice-Versa: Summer 2021 Issue, a University of Hawai'i Ezine (edited by J.R. Long & J. Morse). Three poems

In Plant People: A Journal of Environmental Artists, produced by Plants & Poetry House (edited by J. Nix). Four poems, pages 51-55.